A St Luke’s charity shop in Sheffield welcomes it’s customers back for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic

29 April 2021

Following the ease of the national COVID restrictions in the UK, St Luke’s charity, have reopened the doors of its 13 charity shops in Sheffield, which provides essential funding for the support of those with terminal illnesses.

This week, the Firth Park shop welcomed back customers for the first time since March last year.

John Highfield, Media Relations Manager at the St Luke’s hospice in Sheffield, said: “It costs St Luke’s hospice 10 million pounds to stay open supporting the people of Sheffield every day of the year. 7.5 million pounds of the funds has to come from public support, and a lot of that support comes from our chain of shops.”

I spoke to Jonny Tozer, the manager of the Firth Park store about opening his doors once again.




Written by Tammie Beech

2nd Year BA Journalism Studies Student. Passionate about human interest stories.

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