WATCH: How have animal Shelters in the U.A.E. been affected by Covid-19?

29 April 2021

Animal shelters have reported an increased number of surrendered pets when the Covid-19 pandemic began and are now faced with the same problem again.

With a shelter capacity of 60, Ras Al Khaimah Welfare Centre (RAKWC), took in 260 dogs and cats when the pandemic started as people feared pets could contract the virus.

Lana Karim, 31, Head of Community Wildlife Services at RAKWC, said: “More people wanted to foster dogs in July (2020) when they realized they couldn’t get coronavirus from them.”

“This year we have at least three dogs and five cats every day, being surrendered.”

Michelle Francis, 49, founder of Animals & Us Fujairah, said: “Now with the pandemic almost gone, salaries and businesses are down, people have to think about getting a pet.”

Written by Miette Dsouza

Second-year BA journalism student at the University of Sheffield.

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