Barnsley Music Hub brings back harmony with help from Youth Music funding

6 May 2021

Last year, the national charity gave Barnsley libraries £29,948 to improve access to music making and performing. 

The project will help provide music lessons and performances in safe spaces where creativity can be celebrated.

Wendy Lowder, Executive Director for Adults and Communities said: “We hope that access to music-making will give Barnsley’s young people a chance to learn a new skill, boost their confidence, and work with professional musicians and artists.

Due to COVID-19 the project was delayed. However, new plans are made to bring back music to Barnsley by partnering up with local schools and musical centres.

Alex Francis, lead officer for Barnsley music service and manager of the Barnsley Music Educational Hub, said: “Youth music is all about engaging young people who are hard to reach and under privileged. We aim to open pathways and be inclusive, regardless of whatever background.” 

The creative hub is using the money from Youth music to organise programmes and projects for children who are from families who may not be able to afford lessons or instruments. 

Part of the funds has allowed Alex and his team the chance to support children and young people, who have just moved into the country. This will help with their move to Barnsley and will provide free music lessons at school.

Alex said: “Music is the universal language. There is no barrier when it comes to music.”

The effects of COVID-19 have done nothing to discourage the sound of Barnsley Music Hub and have been using other methods to help the local community. Their recent project, Support on Mindfulness, has been helping children transition back into school.  Mindfulness training has also been offered to teachers.

The centre has more in store for the young musical community by focussing on delivering support to local schools.

For more information and lessons with the Barnsley music hub, click here.

Written by Yen Linh Le

Trainee journalist at the University of Sheffield. Interested in all things to do with the community

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