Sheffield Charity Launch Sustainable Online Shop

6 May 2021

A Sheffield Charity which supplies potential employees with interview outfits have launched a sustainable online shop.

The Suit Works, ran entirely by volunteers, also help candidates with interview tips, training and practical skills.

Manager Faye Mellors said: “The service is so needed and it’s going to be more needed than ever over the coming couple of years.”

They have a 63% success rate with interviewees getting jobs.

To support the charity financially, they decided to launch The Boutique Works.

The Boutique Works is a sustainable online shop, with plans to expand into a real retail space when COVID-19 restrictions allow.

Ms Mellors said: “People use places like ASOS because it’s so quick and easy but why not have a space like the Boutique Works that encourages responsible shopping.”

Written by Isla Swords

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