“We are Angry and Heartbroken”: Chinese Student Racially Attacked in Sheffield City Centre

Sheffield city center

A Chinese student from the University of Sheffield was attacked by a woman in Sheffield city centre on April 25.

It was alleged the attacker verbally assaulted the 19-year-old with racially targeted words and physically assaulted her outside Boots on Fargate.

The victim was then accompanied to the hospital by a member of University staff who happened to be at the scene while passers-by apprehended the attacker.

This is not the first time a Chinese student has been racially attacked in Sheffield. Last year, another girl was allegedly assaulted for wearing a face mask on the street.

Zongyou Zuo, 27, President of the Chinese Student and Scholars Association Sheffield (CSSA), said: “We are angry and heartbroken. We will pursue these kinds of cases with unwavering resolve.”


Written by Temin Peng

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