Sheffield gallery to launch an exhibition for nature inspired artists

13 May 2021

A Sheffield-based art gallery is preparing a month-long exhibition, showcasing the work of two artists inspired by the natural world.

The Cupola contemporary art gallery in Hillsborough will be presenting the collections from 15 May until 12 June.

Landscape and still life artist Gill Gathercole will have 25 of her semi-abstract landscape and seascape paintings on display at the gallery.

Her ‘Land, Sea and Abstraction’ series is influenced by past trips to the Peak District, the Yorkshire coast, and the Mediterranean.

She said: “The paintings aren’t of any one particular place. I work from memory so they’re more an amalgamation of all these experiences and memories I’ve had since childhood.”

Meanwhile, Beca Beeby’s morphogenetic sculptures and jewellery mimic the delicate patterns of various natural forms, such as honeycomb and leaves.

Entitled ‘On Growth and Form’, Beca hopes visitors will be inspired to look at the smaller details in nature.

“I want them to be able to look at things like lichen or wasp nests, or cells under a microscope, and feel the same kind of awe and wonder that I do”.

Below, the two artists discuss their work:

Written by Marina Vieira-Coen

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