Sheffield Pet Food Bank offers dog photoshoot in raffle fundraiser

13 May 2021

Sheffield Pet Food Bank has created a raffle event on Facebook, rewarding a free dog photoshoot worth £70.

To pick a raffle, a small donation is required and can be paid through PayPal. The goal is to raise money to provide pet food for those in financial need.

Alison Smith, owner of the food bank, said: “It was pretty easy to create the event as fortunately, the Pet Food Bank has a lot of support behind it. 

“I also have a pet sitting business and a fair few of my clients got behind me to buy tickets for the raffle.” 

Pooch and Pineapple Dog Photography initiated the collaboration with the food bank, and have raffled off their photoshoot services for one lucky winner.  

Ms Smith clarified this will not be a one-off fundraising event: “I will be using other items from other local companies for fundraisers in the future.

“It’s a good way to raise the profile of the food bank, and to raise the profile of or support local businesses.”

Despite the food bank only having been created two weeks ago,  Ms Smith has already had many volunteers come forward to help manage donation drop off stations across Sheffield.

Some volunteers have opened up spare rooms in their homes to store pet food, and have offered Ms Smith her own key for access.

Sheffield Pet Food Bank has already received over £100 in total donations, which has supported five families. 

The next raffle will offer a box of homemade dog treats by Ruby and Sophia’s Dog Bakery based in Rother Valley Country Park, and a grooming treatment package from Paws to Play.

If you’re interested in volunteering to be a driver for donation deliveries, please contact Sheffield Pet Food Bank through Facebook.

Donations can be sent through PayPal using this email:


Written by Monique Wong

Student Journalist at The University of Sheffield

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