Sheffield student rent strikers forced to leave Arts Tower after court order

13 May 2021

Students occupying the Arts Tower as part of a rent strike protest have been forced to leave, following a court order.

The University of Sheffield undergraduates had been in the iconic building since 23 April to demand a 30 percent rent rebate and an early-release clause option for contracts.

But a judge ordered they leave the building or risk facing fines and arrests, despite praising their “tenacity”.

The protesters represented themselves at the hearing after being unable to find legal support.

Dan Walsh, one of the protesters inside, said: “I feel disheartened we didn’t manage to achieve as much as we wanted.

“But we are still fighting. The rent strike goes on. We’re going to come back bigger and better next time.”

For more, check out the video below:

Written by Jake Loader

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