The first-ever children’s pamper party business launches in Sheffield

13 May 2021

The first-ever children’s pamper party for 5 to 12-year-olds has launched in Sheffield.

Lauren Obed, 29, a local mum and law firm worker, founded L.I.M.E.S. Pamper Parties in October. 

She said: “I have a five-year-old daughter. I really wanted to do this for her and there are so many children out there that would love the thing as, at the moment, there isn’t a service quite like this here in Sheffield. It is nice to have something luxurious and pretty to make little girls feel like princesses.”

Some parents have stated they thought their little ones might be too young or wouldn’t sit still or stay focused – but every single one of them said they loved the service at the end. 

Mrs Obed said: “Many parents were sceptical. This is quite a relaxing activity and with lockdown restrictions, children really did not have the opportunity to be out there and be kids. But what most parents found was it really grabbed their attention and brought a lot of engagement to what they were doing.”

The business values children’s mental health and well-being by understanding how kids can positively help themselves. 

As a former ESOL teacher for five years, Mrs Obed is quite knowledgeable of childcare development: “In this day and age of social media, children have a completely different experience with body image. Thus we emphasise accepting and looking unto yourselves and skincare without being stressed. 

“This isn’t to make children feel like they need to be grown up, it is more of a role play, messing with fun things and having a great time with their best friends or family. It is quite fun,” she added.

The business currently offers ‘vintage’ pamper parties and packages such as ‘Mummy & me’ and ‘Besties’. Only organic, natural, and homemade products are available.

Now with fewer lockdown restrictions, the service is expanding by building a brand-new website, collaborating with other companies such as bakers, cloth designers, catering services, and photographers.  

“Every child is beautiful. Everyone is welcomed and deserves a bit of luxury and to be pampered,” Obed said. 

You can check out their Instagram here.

Written by Vivian Iroanya

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