Cat charity allege to reclaim unneutered pets from owners in coming weeks

20 May 2021

Sheffield-based charity Cat-CHING have asked people who adopted cats from them to prove they have neutered their pets in an aim to reduce overpopulation in the city.

On Facebook, the organisation said they are within their rights to remove cats from people’s care if they have not met the terms of the adoption agreement.

Cat-CHING founders Lauren James-Thompson and Jasmine Rogers said: “Our aim is to reduce to overpopulation of cats and key to this is neutering. The cat population in South Yorkshire is completely out of control and many of these cats are suffering.

“All adopters sign an adoption contract stating that where a kitten is rehomed and is too young or small to be neutered at the time of adoption, they must arrange neutering as soon as the kitten is of the correct age or size.”







The charity was recently made aware of a newly-homed kitten that went missing and had not yet had the procedure, possibly endangering it with a premature pregnancy, prompting them to contact all owners.

The founders said: “Let us be clear, it is not our aim to remove kittens from their homes.  However, where we do find that kittens have not been neutered, we will work with their owners to ensure a vet appointment is arranged for the earliest opportunity.

“We do not anticipate any conflict from adopters – we are giving them a firm but fair nudge.”

In 2020 alone, Cat-CHING received 692 new cats, of which they rehomed 533.

They added: “We work tirelessly, day and night, focused on breaking the cycle of breeding and suffering for the local cats.

“We are a small group of volunteers who personally rescue each cat in our care – we put everything we have into helping our cats fight for their lives and become healthy so they can eventually go on to live a full and happy life.”

Written by William Holmes

ShefNews Reporter.

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