“Students lives are not disposable”- Indian student expresses discontent as no decision is made over Class 12 Board exams

20 May 2021

Amid the emergence of the new Covid-19 variant in India that has taken hold of the country, another issue that piles onto the already exhausted minds of Indians is the pending decision to conduct class 12 board exams.

This has created anxiety and stress among students over the repeated learning of their syllabus.

Siya Tayal, 16, a class 10 ICSE student from Gurgaon, India, who voiced her concern on Times Now (India) expressed her annoyance over the delay in the decision.

Siya Tayal

She said: “Make a firm decision.

“We received our education throughout the year and don’t need to prove it through a set of exams. Schools have our pre-board marks and internal assessments results. Use them.”

Students and parents have been making several requests over social media to cancel the Class Twelve examinations.

However, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has not made an official announcement yet.

Sharing her opinion over relying on internal assessment results, Miss Tayal said: “They are the best way as they have been conducted throughout the year.

“Saying that because of internal biases that results won’t be used shows blatant distrust in our education system, and our schools.”

Covid-19 related deaths are spiking across India, with over “4,205 deaths recorded on May 11”, The Indian Express reports.

Towards the end of April, patients in India began gasping for air. According to India Today, hospitals primarily in “Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh” faced oxygen shortages with treating abundant Covid infected patients.

Miss Tayal adds: “We are running out of oxygen for our citizens and we are thinking about exams.”

Students rely on the Class 12 exam results of the CISCE and CBSE curriculum for university or college admissions.

Miss Tayal states: “Universities will always accept students, they can alter their acceptance rates but students lives are not disposable.”

The 16-year-old has been using her social media platforms to support students in this moment of uncertainty. She also runs several social service groups such as ‘Bee Nifty’ that provides Covid-19 resources to those in need.

She adds: “How can I plan for my future if I know that I might land up dead after going to an exam centre over the course of the next month.

“I think the only fair decision is to cancel exams.”

To support Siya in her initiatives, reach out through her twitter: https://twitter.com/SiyaTayal

Written by Michelle Almeida

Second year journalism student at the University of Sheffield

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