WATCH: Sheffield Hallam University graduation is still uncertain and students are struggling with mental health

20 May 2021

The fate of Sheffield Hallam University’s graduation is still uncertain and 2021’s final year students are getting frustrated with the constant uncertainty that surrounds their degree.

More students than ever are struggling with mental health conditions following a year of lockdown with unusual university conditions.

Sheffield Hallam student, Connor Littlemore, said: “I know that life hasn’t been normal for anyone recently, but I just think we deserve a celebration of some kind, I don’t care when it is.

“A lot of my mates have been really down this past year, I just want to see everyone smile for once.”

The university announced in April that the ceremony will be provisionally held in November, at the earliest.

A formal decision will be made and shared with the students by 2 August.


Written by Beth Farrell

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