Sheffield to host 2022 World Women’s Snooker Championship

10 February 2022

The tournament will be held at the Ding Junhui Snooker Academy in Sheffield and will take place from February 10-14.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this is the first staging since 2019.

On February 11, 53 contestants from 15 countries will begin group stage matches. Additionally, both Seniors and Under-21 tournaments will happen today.

Ewelina Piślewska, a 43-year-old Polish multi-medal winner who is participating in the championship, said: “I’m excited but nervous at the same time – we’re at the World Championships after all.

“I feel proud to be one of the few contestants from Poland who can be here and make a difference.

“Snooker games are not only about getting a ball to the pocket: it’s about the tactics, just like during chess matches.

“I usually train around three hours per day. Sometimes it’s hard to do so because of other responsibilities, like work, family and house chores. I prefer playing outside of my hometown, because I’m not focusing on things I have to do later at home. We’re here for a week so I can commit fully to the game and enjoy it.”

Ewelina training before the tournament

Izabela Łącka, a 45-year-old Polish bronze medallist at European championships, said: “I have claustrophobia, so flying is rather uncomfortable for me. But because I fell in love with snooker, I can confirm the famous words “you’ll do anything for things you love” are true. It’s a remedy for my phobia.

“Snooker relaxes me, calms me down and lets me focus. I try to set up realistic expectations, so I won’t feel disappointed if the match does not go as planned.

“During this Championship, I want to play good snooker and use everything I’ve learned so far. I want to be satisfied with my games and not regret anything.

“If you want to improve your skills, you must play with players better than you, often lose and learn from the mistakes.”


Izabela practicing with Ewelina

All of the matches results can be found here.

Written by Kamila Swierszcz

Second-year Journalism student at The University of Sheffield

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