Artists chosen to receive ‘bespoke’ support from Sheffield Theatres in 2022

17 February 2022

Sheffield Theatres announced a year-long support programme for 13 artists and creatives this week.

The Bank Cohort of 2022 is the second cohort to be supported by Sheffield Theatres where artists will be provided with bespoke support, training, artistic opportunities and professional development.

Robert Hastie, Artistic Director of Sheffield Theatres, said: “We were so lucky to welcome such exciting theatre makers and creatives through its newly opened doors with our first cohort.

“And as we deepen our relationships with them, I’m looking forward to supporting a whole new group of artists and seeing what bold new work we can create with them in 2022.”

Artists will have access to a Writer’s room in The Bank located in the city centre, for a quiet work environment and a larger creative space for rehearsals and scratch performances.

Callum Berridge, a director from the cohort, said: “It means a lot to me to be one of the three directors in the cohort.

“It’s incredibly humbling to think back to being a teenager watching shows here, and now I’m a supported director working in the theatre.

“The professional development routes that many take into directing, like expensive postgraduate courses, are just not financially viable for me, so what Sheffield Theatres are offering through the Bank Cohort is a massive opportunity.

“The government has slashed funding for arts subjects in state education, higher education is eye-wateringly expensive, and a lot of work in theatre is irregular and precarious, so it’s hard for people from low-income backgrounds to consider working in the industry too.

“I want everyone to feel that theatre is for them. It’s a chance for us to come together and share in a live experience together, and I think everyone should leave the theatre changed in some small way.

“Perhaps it’s made you realise something new in yourself, or altered the way you view the world around you, but I think theatre should be a transformative experience that everyone has a right to.”

Callum Berridge, Theatre Director in the Bank Cohort 2022

Sheffield Theatres received £754,000 in 2021 from the Culture Recovery Fund worth £1.57 billion to support cultural organisations after the effects of Covid-19, according to data from the Arts Council.

An additional Emergency Resource Fund, of which applications closed earlier this month, allowed creatives to apply for up to £3 million in funds.


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