Expensive glasses stolen from Sheffield Japanese restaurant

17 February 2022

Unique-looking skull-shaped Cocktail glasses and bottle openers have been reported missing from a Japanese restaurant on West Street. 

Staff from Tsuki, a restaurant in the city centre serving sushi buffets and other Japanese cuisines, accused customers of stealing these skull glasses after dining in there. 

Members of staff stated that five skulled-shaped glasses and numerous beer bottle openers have gone missing. The last skull glass went missing last week after two couples in their 40s ordered a Zombie Cocktail and left the dining table. 

Zombie Cocktail served in the skull glass.

Giuseppe Cannavo, bartender and stocking manager of Tsuki, said: ‘‘It is very unpleasant to serve these bad-mannered customers, but there is nothing we can do about it.’’

Beers used to be served unopen with the opener in the bucket

The restaurant no longer places their bottle openers in ice buckets when serving beers after countless of them have disappeared. Pre-opened beers were replaced as the restaurant fears of missing more items. 

Mr Cannavo warned customers that the restaurants would call people out and publicly humiliate them once they got caught, though it is not serious enough of a crime to get the police involved. 

Written by Na Ao

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