Covid Restrictions lifted: is it worth it for the more vulnerable?

24 February 2022

The announcement of the ending of Covid-19 restrictions and plan B measures have caused dividing opinions throughout the country, especially for people with weaker immune systems.

Boris Johnson recently announced his ‘living with Covid’ plan as the next step in the pandemic. He declared that from the 24th of February, you will no longer be expected to self-isolate if you test positive with Covid-19 or have Covid like symptoms. This could have severe impacts on people who are immunocompromised.

Alice Mason, 19, a University of Sheffield student studying Education, Culture and Childhood says: “I have severe asthma and am immunocompromised, and I think the lessening of restrictions will have a detrimental impact on those who are no longer vulnerable as there is no longer a legal duty to isolate.

“This limits the things in which we feel able to do safely in comparison to those who are healthy, and is likely to increase health anxiety.” 

The recent announcement also received positive responses from the population and many seem to be relieved by the change in rules, as it seems that we are entering a new phase of learning to live with the virus.

According to the NHS, covid tests and lateral flow tests will no longer be free and Covid-19 is no longer considered a threat to the country. 

Professeur François Balloux, a professor of computational biology at University College London says in a tweet that “the poorest and most vulnerable in society suffer from the highest Covid-19 morbidity/mortality, yet, they are also generally the worst affected by Covid-19 restrictions.”

He says that based on all the current evidence available, “the changes in the relative frequency of the omicron variants do not warrant the imposition of any pandemic restrictions or the lifting of existing ones.”

A national petition has been created in order to counteract the lifting of the restrictions and has had a lot of success.

Written by Clara Sokhn

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