Chubby Brown stirs the pot over cancelled Sheffield City Hall gig

3 March 2022

Stand-up comedian Roy “Chubby” Brown has expressed his frustration on TV condemning the decision made by Sheffield City Hall to axe his performances from its 2022 programme.

The comic, whose real name is Royston Vasey, claims the decision to cancel his performances by the Barker’s Pool venue was fuelled by “people with nothing else better to do than moan” on GB News.

Brown has been criticised by the press and social media for his controversial act but confirmed in the interview that he wouldn’t change his act for any audience.

Speaking to journalist Dan Wootton, Brown said: “I’ve been doing it for over 50 years now. I would be letting my fans down if I didn’t say something controversial”.

The colourful character has been criticised for making outdated misogynistic, homophobic and racist jokes.

Brown said: “I’ve had posters up since 1969  stating; if you’re easily offended please don’t come into the room.

“This is harmless vulgarity, this is friendly smut.”

The comedian was due to play the City Hall venue on  January 29 this year. This is the first time Brown has spoken out publicly on television about the venue’s decision.

Janice Middleton, a spokesperson from the Chubby Brown office, said: “All we received was an email from the city hall trust explaining that they were very sorry but the gig couldn’t go ahead.”

Brown claims he has been performing at Sheffield City Hall every year for 40 years. The venue has a capacity of more than 2000 people, for which he was expecting to sell out.

Mrs Middleton said: “We have no idea what the final figures for people coming were but tickets had been on sale for a very long time.”

The petition ‘Let Comedian Roy Chubby Brown perform at The Sheffield City Hall’ has now reached 42,600 signatures

We approached Sheffield City Hall for a response and were informed that they will not be making any further comments about the decision to drop Roy Chubby Brown from its programme.

Written by Stanley Willey

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