Sheffield project uniting refugees and students through love of football returns

3 March 2022

In the wake of the Ukraine refugee crisis, Sheffield’s student volunteers, Global Community Football, is returning for the city’s refugees and asylum seekers.

After a year’s break due to Covid-19, three volunteer students Alistair Spencer, Joshua Hollingworth Flint and Zeyana Khamis Al Aamri are hoping to bring back the initiative to its original popularity.

Mr Spencer said: “A lot of students and refugees have just moved here so they’re in the same situation in a way.

“There should be more of these projects to make an inclusive environment and a friendly place for refugees and asylum seekers because there are not enough.

“If you have ever played football, you can see it. Football In particular, manages to give everyone a common ground.

“I know I have made friends with people who I have not spoken to before just because of the sport.

“You can communicate just via actions with football you don’t have to even know each other’s language to make bonds.”

Keep an eye out in Sheffield for the Global Community Football flyer!

When asked about how important working with refugees is in the light of the current situation in Ukraine, Spencer said: “It is clearly an issue which is not going away, the only thing we can do with these massive amounts of people is integrate and accept them in a country like our own where it is safe to live.”

Students and refugees alike are invited to take to the pitch at Goals Sheffield on Sundays between 12pm and 1pm to help bring the Sheffield community together.

Mr Spencer along with the rest of the committee are calling out for more student to volunteers to come down and support their project beginning Sunday March 6th.

To find out more about volunteering click here. Alternatively call 07745333459.

Written by Huw Richards

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