Sheffield shoppers react to Tesco meal deal price hike

3 March 2022

Tesco customers have slammed the supermarket for increasing the price of its iconic lunchtime meal deal.

Previously, shoppers could pick up the money-saving saviour for £3, but this has now been raised to £3.50.

One silver lining is that the ‘literally too good to be true’ price will remain at £3 for loyal Clubcard holders.

Sheffield customers are angry at the meal deal price hike

Despite this comforting prospect, Sheffield shoppers have found the price jump a bitter pill to swallow, with one branding it as an “outrage”.

Shoppers also feel that Clubcards are being forced upon customers as a way of tracking data, with one calling it an “outrageous breach of privacy.”

Tesco chief customer officer Alessandra Bellini said: “Adding our ever-popular lunchtime meal deal to Clubcard Prices is the latest way we’re rewarding our 20 million Clubcard members with exclusive deals on thousands of products.

Clubcard Prices have already given millions of customers the power to lower the cost of their weekly shop – and all while earning points for money off their shopping or rewards like family days out at Alton Towers or a Disney+ subscription.”

The Tesco meal news doesn’t stop there though – you can now get a Costa as your meal deal drink in stores that have the Costa Express machine. This offer lasts until May 25 and only works on Regular sized drinks, but it still softens the blow.

This sour news comes as another British staple – fish and chips – is also set to soar in price due to inflation, tax hikes and rocketing energy and transport costs, the latter of which will only worsen due to the war in Ukraine.

In fact, industry experts warned last week that supplies of mushy peas, haddock and cod have already fallen prey to Britain’s cost of living crisis, which could soon see Brits paying over £10 for a portion of fish and chips.


Written by Sophie Olejnik

Journalism student at The University of Sheffield.

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