South Yorkshire Police issues warning over fake £20 notes

3 March 2022

A warning has been issued by the police about fake £20 notes in circulation in South Yorkshire after the Police’s Fraud Co-ordination team became aware of them.

South Yorkshire Police Fraud Protect Officer Andy Foster said: “Scammers will often pass a fake note within a number of genuine notes, or may and ask to swap fake notes for a different denomination. Therefore, it’s really important that you carefully check any notes you receive, to make sure they are not counterfeit.

“Knowingly trying to pass counterfeit currency for payment is a criminal offence and you will face criminal prosecution if you are found to have intentionally used fake bank notes to make a payment.”

In recent weeks, a number of people across South Yorkshire are reported to have tried to pay for various items using twenty pound notes which have turned out to be fake.

Mr Foster added: “The Bank of England can teach you how to check if it’s counterfeit or genuine via their website. The site also provides a free online bank note training session, lasting about 30 minutes, for those who would like more in-depth knowledge.

“If you ever suspect that you have come into possession of a suspicious bank note, please call 101 and report it to police. Receiving reports of where and how these fake notes are being used is really important in helping us stop this crime.”

Written by Joe Moore

Trainee journalist at the University of Sheffield.

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