Vinyl pop up fair comes to Sheffield pub as industry boom continues

3 March 2022

A Sheffield pub is to host a pop up records fair this weekend as the vinyl music revolution continues to bring in a new audience to the hobby.

AA Records Fairs have announced their latest venue in Sheffield, the Big Tree pub on Woodseats, where the fair will take place on March 5.

The pop-up will feature a range of different vinyl records, which are often much cheaper than buying in store. 

The Big Tree Pub In Woodseats

Adrian Wells, aged 59, and Andy Wilkinson, aged 51, started the fairs two years ago just before the Covid 19 pandemic hit.

Adrian, who has been in the industry for 29 years, said: “The pop-up fair started because of Covid really, It was the only way we could trade.

“These fairs allow us to build our one-to-one relationships so we can sell, buy and trade.

“We originally started to plan our own big event. If it hadn’t been for Covid we never would have started these pop-ups.”

Their first pop up was in a lay-by in Bolsover, Derbyshire. Some of their customers travelled hundreds of miles as it was the only option to buy second hand vinyl during the pandemic.

Andy, who started his hobby by going to car boot sales in the 1990s, said: “Covid was like a perfect storm and the industry has started taking vinyl more seriously as a format again. 

“The popularity in the last couple of years has been incredible.”

Whilst the older generation have been collecting vinyl for a long time, young people have really started to pick it up as a passion. 

Mia Vanderboon, aged 19, brought her own record player over lockdown.

She said: “It just creates such a nice atmosphere. You feel so much more attached to the album. 

“I love going out looking for the record I want. You can make a day of it.”

Andy said: “Doing a full weekend every weekend for a year is the dream.

“If you want to get into it, start with one band or artist and buy a few. It’s always fun to start a collection.”

Adrian and Andy at a record fair in Derby

AA Records are also doing a bigger fair at The Moor Market in Sheffield city centre on March 19. 


Written by Toby Fitton

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