Police warn Land Rover owners of increasing thefts in South Yorkshire

10 March 2022

South Yorkshire Police has issued a warning to the owners of Land Rovers following a spike in thefts of the iconic British automobile in the region.

The force warns that keyless entry vehicles are the most vulnerable in the eyes of criminals and need additional security measures imposed.

Even old-fashioned theft prevention measures such as steering wheel lock or foot pedal lock are sufficient to further protect your car.

Another security measure recommended by police is parking your vehicle in a protected area, like a locked garage or a well-lit open area near your residence.

It is important to be vigilant while in your car for any persons raising suspicion or lurking around you with seeming interest.

Fitting a car with a tracking system can help you and your local police department to find the vehicle in case it was stole.

South Yorkshire Police says it is never a bad idea to review the existing home or business security and consider installing CCTV and gates.

The spike in stolen Land Rover vehicles is so significant, that a Facebook page dedicated to pledges about stolen cars of this manufacturer in the UK has over five and a half thousand members.

For further information, visit the South Yorkshire Police Facebook page.

Written by Vitalii Yalahuzian

Journalism student at the University of Sheffield

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