Sheffield holds Stop The War Coalition Rally

10 March 2022

Sheffielder’s gathered last weekend for the Stop The War Coalition rally, outside Town Hall, City Centre.

Dr. Dick Pitt, of Sheffield Stop the War Alliance said it was a demonstration of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, a demand for Russian troops to leave Ukraine, and a way of saying ‘no’ to the NATO expansion.

He added : “Sooner or later there will be a nuclear war and I believe that is terrifying.”

Attendees held signs and banners with the title “Refugees are welcome” and “Smash Nato”

People expressed their concerns and worries for refugees, and stood in solidarity throughout the afternoon.

Throughout the rally, a petition was circulated calling the war to end.

Written by Ayesha Parwani

Trainee Journalist at the University of Sheffield Ted X speaker and writer for Gems Magazine,CIS newsletters (Dubai)

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