WATCH: ‘Community Fridge’ initiative to stop food waste in Sheffield

10 March 2022

A group of Sheffield volunteers are waging war on food waste by giving it to locals for free, through their ‘Community Fridge’ initiative.

The Chapelgreen Community Hub at High Green, in the north of the city, regularly sources food from local Co-Op stores, which has passed its sell-by date, and donates it to members of the local community.

Residents are encouraged to visit the Paces Campus on Saturday mornings to collect items such as fresh fruit, vegetables and bread, which the organisation says is perfectly good to eat, and would otherwise end up as landfill. What began as a way to reach out to poorer and more vulnerable people during the pandemic has gone on to become an environmentally-conscious service.


WATCH the video here:

Written by Ben Shahrabi

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