WATCH: Female brewers unite in Sheffield for international celebration

10 March 2022

Women from all over the UK came together to celebrate working in the beer and brewing industry In Sheffield this week.

The International Women`s Collaboration Brew Day is a global annual event and took place in conjunction with International Women`s Day on March 8.

Rachel Green, from Heist Brew Co, took part in the event for the first time at the brewery and taproom located in Neepsend, Sheffield.

Heist Brew Co in Neepsend, Sheffield

Women who attended the event were able to taste beer, build networks and see the process of brewing an espresso martini.

In this video, Miss Green and Pip Young, founder of The Coven, talk about the importance of recognising women in the male dominating field of beer and brewing on International Women`s Day.

Watch the video here

Written by Hanna Karlsen

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