Ark Sheffield Project host climate workshop at Heeley City Farm

17 March 2022

Heeley City Farm hosted a free workshop discussing climate change as part of the Ark Sheffield project.

The two-hour artist led event focussed on ways in which environmental issues could be tackled and how local communities can work together.

Dr Alex De Little, 30, lead creative of Ark said: “I think the compelling thing about the project is that it’s creating a different narrative about climate change, not about statistics and experts but about compassion, community and listening to each other.

“It’s been super enlightening; the project has been able to create a local snapshot of experiences and responses to tackling climate change.”

The project is part of Together in the City  at The Crucible, a large scale two-day event showcasing co-created community projects, from April 5.

Dr Tom Payne, lead creative of Ark, said: “If you look back through history, through different religions and cultural narratives, you find the story of an ark coming up.

“There are loads of inundation narratives, so the concept isn’t something new but it’s presented in a different context, how we can ask this in the context of climate change.”

Ark: Amplifying Climate Dialogues, is a cross-cultural community conversation made up of different workshops, activities and free meals, in collaboration with local organisations.

Participants who were given a tour of the farm and took part in a pizza making session, were asked to think about what form ‘the flood’ would take for them, how they would create an ark and what they would take with them.

Image by Becky Payne

Greg Hewitt, 33, who was at the event, said: “I’ve got a passion for sustainability, I saw this event and thought it would be good to connect with other people who share the same values as me, such as tackling climate change and environmental issues. I think it’s been very thought provoking.

“Events like this are really good, they bring people together to talk about these issues, I hope this project is something that encourages people to feel like they can do something.”

Heeley City farm work with local communities and promotes regeneration, environmental education, energy efficiency and health and well-being.

Sue Pearson, 59, Chief Executive of Heeley City Farm, said: “The farm has always had sustainability through its core but not at its front and centre, I thought the Arc project was a really good collaboration.”

Written by Carla Biteanu

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