Badminton training session held at Sheffield’s Ponds Forge to encourage more members

17 March 2022

A Sheffield badminton club held a training session today to encourage beginners to get in involved in the sport.

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association hoped to promote exercise and body fitness.

Approximately 20 students attended the event at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.

President of the club, Anett Lai, welcomed new members and explained they will be planning more sessions. 

She said: “It was a successful session. I’m hoping there will be more members joining in the future.”

David Lange, a research expert covering sports & recreation in the UK & Europe, said although 280,000 people in the UK participated in badminton in 2021, the number playing has decreased over the last few years. 

Watch the video here.

Written by Siyu Ma

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