Firefighter becomes family’s third generation to serve at Askern fire station

17 March 2022

A  South Yorkshire firefighter has followed in her dad and grandad’s footsteps by becoming the third in her family to join the service.

Ellie Adams, 23, completed her initial training and ‘passing out’ graduation at the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (SYFR) training base last Saturday. 

Her delighted dad, Steve Adams, said: “It was an incredibly proud day for the whole family. Like the rest of the recruits, she’s had to work really hard to complete her initial training, but the way she applied herself to it all has made me really proud.”

Miss Adams, from Askern, Doncaster, said: “Growing up, I don’t really think I understood exactly what my dad did other than he got to wear a cool uniform and went out on a shiny red fire engine.

“It was only when I got a bit older that I started to understand and feel the pride that came with saying ‘my dad’s a firefighter’, and then a few years after I started thinking ‘well, what’s stopping me from being one too?'”

Mr Adams is retiring later this month after 35 years of service. His father-in-law, Michael Jackson, joined Askern fire station in 1960 and rose the ranks to sub-officer before retiring in 1981.

Chief Fire Officer of SYFR, Alex Johnson, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Ellie to the South Yorkshire Fire family. The fact she is the third generation shows the dedication given by our on-call firefighters who selflessly serve their communities.”

On-call firefighters are paid for their training, for being on-call and for each incident they attend, but they must live or work within a five minute drive of their closest fire station.

SYFR Station Manager, Chris Tyler, said: “The role our on-call firefighters play is vital – these are extraordinary people who drop everything when they are needed to attend emergency incidents in their local areas.

“They are given the same training as our full-time firefighters and, rightly, get exactly the same buzz, camaraderie and kudos that comes with such an important job.”

Askern fire station

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue is currently recruiting firefighters at Askern, Rossington and Penistone fire stations. For more information on how to apply as an on-call firefighter, click here.

Written by Emma Leyva

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