Half of children ‘not ready’ to start school

17 March 2022

A new report by YouGov has found that half of children were not ‘school ready’ in 2021, and Covid is partly to blame.

Jemima Casson, a Sheffield nursery worker, 19, of Travis Place, said: “Covid has thrown a spanner in the developmental works of the children who now entering primary school.

“Pressure is falling on the reception teachers to even out this disparity in children’s development.”

The survey found 88 per cent of primary school teachers reported having to spend additional time with children not reaching developmental milestones, leaving less time for others.

Robert Halfon MP, Chair of the Education Select Committee said Ofsted reported that some of the hardest hit children had ‘forgotten how to eat with a knife and fork, or lost their early years progress in numbers and words’.

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Written by Emma Leyva

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