‘Plastic-Free-Sheffield’ urges the public to take action

17 March 2022

The new group ‘Plastic-Free Sheffield Central’ has launched into action with the aim to reduce single-use plastic.

The group has been working with businesses, community groups, charities, churches and media organisations to minimize single-use plastic impact.

Greg Hewitt, 33, the founder of ‘Plastic-Free-Sheffield Central’, said: “I wanted to create a plastic-free community of volunteers who are passionate about the issue and educating others. We want to make a difference.

“If one in ten people refilled their plastics then we would save around 340 million pieces of plastic from polluting the sea. 100,000 marine mammals and turtles are killed by plastic pollution annually.”

Over the last five years, Greg has run various campaign groups covering a variety of environmental issues. His last project was ‘Plastic-Free-Chesterfield’.


Greg and ‘Plastic-Free Chesterfield’


Greg said: “This is a very real problem. Around 7,000 plastic bottles are thrown away every day in the UK. Plastic bottles make up 1/3 of plastic pollution in the sea. I think people need to shift their way of thinking, the motto should be ‘Reduce, Refill, Reuse, Recycle.’”

He explained small changes that individuals can make.

Greg said: “Stopping the use of single-use plastic is a long term objective. The most immediate aim of my group is to raise awareness of what individuals can do and what plastic-free swaps they can take. I would advise people to start in a room in their house, for example, the bathroom. Have a think about what single-use plastic items there might be and once they have run out, try and refill them instead.

“Everyone is on their own journey, you can’t make changes overnight you should do what you can. Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once.”

‘Plastic-Free Sheffield’ is recruiting volunteers to join their action group and make a difference.

To find out more, visit plastic-free Sheffield’s website and Facebook.

Written by Jasmine Faulkner

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