Sheffield school art lessons saved by fabric shop donations

17 March 2022

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop in West Yorkshire is reducing waste by donating 20kg of excess fabric per month to schools and charitable projects in South Yorkshire. 

The fabric shop on Bradford Road, Batley has been donating fabric to good causes since they started their business. Donations became more prevalent when they realised that teachers from art departments across South Yorkshire were coming into store to buy fabric out of their own pockets due to budget cuts.

Founder Jay Soni, 31, from West Yorkshire said: “When we found out the material was being used in their school, we let them have it free of charge.

“We believe it’s important for children in the local community to be creative and learn essential skills. It’s something that is very close to our hearts.” 

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop

The children are able to use the material to learn to sew and for craft projects.

And there is also an environmental benefit to the donations. Mrs Soni said: “Throwing material away is such a waste.

“We would rather donate excess material to good causes where it will be put to good use.”

As well as schools across Sheffield, Mrs Soni and her team donate to charities such as The Pachamama Project.

The project is made up of volunteers who make reusable sanitary pads for refugees.

CEO and founder, Ella Lambert, 22, from Essex said: “The aim is to support people who are already dealing with unimaginable challenges.

“We want to take one more thing off their shoulders – dealing with period poverty.”

The Pachamama Project relies solely on donations from companies such as The Yorkshire Fabric Shop in order to make sure that their work is as sustainable as possible.

Miss Lambert said: “So far we have made over 40,000 pads and helped over 5,000 people out of period poverty.”

Ella Lambert, founder of The Pachamama Project.

To help support refugees of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, The Pachamama Project is currently running an urgent fundraiser which you can donate to here.

Mrs Soni said: “It’s important that we don’t forget the needs of refugees.

“You never know when it could be you or me in that position.”



Written by Yasmin Wakefield

Trainee journalist at The University of Sheffield.

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