WATCH: Rocketing energy prices for Sheffield Students

24 March 2022

A number of students in Sheffield have been blindsided and are now expected to find an extra £4 a week, in light of the rise in energy prices.

With the recent increase in energy prices, homes across the UK have experienced a shocking rise in their utility bills, including electricity and gas. And now, as a result, a number of students across Sheffield have been left in the dark when it comes to a solution to lighting their homes.

Students with UniHomes have recently been informed that they are being charged extra despite having signed what they were led to believe was a ‘fixed’ utility bill contract.

University of Sheffield Student Florence Hill, 20, says: “I feel like this is unfair, I wasn’t expecting this and now there’s a hole in my tight budget.”

UniHomes are often employed to make handling bills easy and simpler for students. They are yet to respond with a comment on this matter.




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