Sheffield voted the number one city to start a business in the UK

24 March 2022

Sheffield has been labelled an ‘industrial powerhouse’ and voted the number one spot to start a business in the UK.

Startups praised the city for its impressive business support, talent and the fact it is home to two universities and thousands of highly skilled workers and graduates.

Experts from the organisation said: “The industrial powerhouse impressed us with its low cost of living, large working population and fantastic transport links.”

David White, the founder of Papermill, an ambitious Sheffield start-up, said: “I saw Sheffield as a great place to start a business whilst still working.

“It’s a liveable city with a lot of outdoor space. You have the benefits of a sizeable city centre but also a good quality of life.”

Startups’ expert researchers have chosen Sheffield as their top city due to the cities strong performance across all areas.

“It’s a green city with lots of parks and access to the Peak District,” Mr White added. “This possibly wouldn’t be able to happen in a city that is larger and more expensive.”

Papermill is a start-up that reimagines the way you write documents.

After raising their funding late last year, Mr White said that even though the company is still at an early stage, they have been able to connect successfully with Sheffield’s tech community.

Mr White added: “I’d heard that Sheffield offers good business support and that’s certainly been the case for Papermill. We’ve found a great business advisor, Morgan Killick, through Business Sheffield, and he’s been incredibly supportive.

“My advice to other people thinking about starting up is to engage with the community here, particularly Sheffield Tech Parks, who have been fantastic in helping Papermill get off the ground. There’s an excellent monthly start-up meet up held at Tech Parks where you can meet other founders and get involved.”

Business Sheffield’s Growth Manager Yvonne Asquith told Startups: “Sheffield is a great place to start a business because it’s big enough to feel like there’s opportunity, but small enough to make you feel that you can make a difference.”

Written by Madelynne Flack

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