Sheffield’s Crime Commissioner insists city is safe despite gun murder

31 March 2022

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has maintained that Sheffield is a safe city despite a firearm murder on Wednesday.

An unnamed 21-year-old was shot outside the Diamond Hand Car Wash on Burngreave Road at approximately 6:45pm on Tuesday 29th March.

DCI Hakin said: “So far, we know that the victim was sat inside a blue BMW, parked within the Diamond Car Wash when multiple shots were discharged at the motor vehicle.

“The offenders are believed to have left the scene in a white Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta was later found burned out in Darnall.”

In 2020, Sheffield recorded 295 cases of gun crime – the highest since records began in 2007-2008.

Dr Billings said: “Sheffield is a safe city. South Yorkshire is a safe county.”

He added: “These are rare events. Of course when they do happen they cause real distress and upset to a community and, of course, in this case, the whole city. But they are rare and we shouldn’t lose sight of that.”

The Burngreave shooting is the second in quick succession, after a 20-year-old was shot on Ecclesall Road in February.

Residents have voiced criticisms over Billings’ comments on social media.

Mark Allen said: “Shootings and even gun murders are now commonplace. Failure to deal with these sorts of crimes as soon as they emerged has led us to where we are now.”

Tracey Storey said: “Go and live in these areas and see if he says the same. I feel sorry for the good ones having to live amongst this.”

A police investigation is underway.

Written by Thomas Gorman

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