Sheffield’s popular vegan and halal fast food restaurant receives one-star food hygiene rating after an inspection.

31 March 2022

Relish & Burger has been inspected by Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Health Officer and was given a rating of one out of five, which means ‘major improvements’ are needed.

The inspector has detected several issues relating to storage and preparation of food. Raw food was kept very close to ready-to-eat food, packets of pitta breads were placed directly on top of a bag of raw meat, resulting in high chances of cross contamination.

Under Food Safety & Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 raw food should not be touching ready-to-eat food and should be covered and kept separately from other foods. It was stated by employees that there were some foods in the fridge and freezer which were left by previous owners and have passed their use by date. 

Previous customers have noticed how poor handling and preparing of food has affected their orders. Several negative reviews have been left on TripAdvisor page by customers who have had health issues after consuming food from the Relish & Burger. 

One user said: “The quality of the food was beyond poor, it looked like something someone did in their own kitchen at home. Pretty sure the vegan beef was not vegan, at all.

“The cookie dough was so dry and tasteless, I don’t even think it was cookie dough. Fries weren’t fresh, tasted like they had been reheated. I paid £30 for this order and without being dramatic, I really wouldn’t even offer this food for free. It’s beyond disappointing.”

The food preparation and storage areas were found to be in dirty conditions and were instructed to be cleaned. The inspection report stressed the importance of Relish & Burger using more sanitiser, or anti-bacterial cleaning products which will kill food poisoning bacteria.

The official food hygiene inspection report states that at the time of the officer’s visit the fast food restaurant did not have sufficient thermometers in place to keep the right temperature of the food. Food handlers were not wearing suitable clothing and the kitchen floor was dirty particularly under equipment.

Another TripAdvisor user said: “I would go as far as to say this was one of the worst takeaways I’ve ever had. The restaurant provided food that was not edible. It is also important to note that no food was labelled and no receipt came with the food so when I had questions about if the cheese was vegan (it very strongly resembled a standard cheese slice) there was no reference point.

“Credit to the company they did reassure me about the vegan cheese, however three days after the food delivery was a little late. My partner was then sent home from work vomiting the next morning and he was off work for two days with sickness and stomach cramps.” 

Contains public sector information obtained from Sheffield City Council and licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.


Written by Liliya Arutyunyan

Trainee journalist at the University of Sheffield

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