Ukrainians in Sheffield are planning a second trip to the Polish/Ukrainian border to donate aid

31 March 2022

Nazar Senechyn and his family are collecting donations from people all over the country to later drive to the border and deliver all items to volunteers which will distribute donations to an army hospital in Lviv and across Ukraine to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and other areas. 

On his Facebook post Mr Senechyn said: “The situation in Ukraine is desperate and the longer this war continues the greater the humanitarian disaster will become.”

A list of most needed items have been made for those who want to donate. The list includes specific items of military and medical aid such as, torches, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, canned food, kids clothes and wet wipes are also desperately needed. The full list can be found on Nazar Senechyn’s Facebook page.

All Donations can be delivered to 1 Lee Field Close, S2 1AN.

They are also accepting monetary donations and have created a GoFundMe page where people in Sheffield and across the country can donate to. The page can be accessed here.  

Arina Sydelnikova, University of Sheffield student, from Kyiv said: “I was searching for organisations in Sheffield that gather and transfer humanitarian support to Ukraine. I was lucky to meet volunteers who do that and I encourage everyone who has a chance to join and send required help to Ukraine.”

Mr Senechyn and his family have been in constant contact with volunteers in Ukraine and have thanked everyone who is supporting them, donating, and encouraging more people to help those who were affected.

Ms Sydelnikova said: “I am really glad people in the UK really share my concerns about the war in Ukraine and try to help in any way they can. Thanks to anyone who does not stand aside and supports our people and country in their fight for the ability to live peaceful lives, fight against Russian cruelty and blindness.”

Delivery of donations to Ukrainian people

Donations made by people in the UK to be delivered to Ukrainian/Polish border

Donations made by people in the UK to be delivered to Ukrainian/Polish border

Written by Liliya Arutyunyan

Trainee journalist at the University of Sheffield

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