Sheffield celebrates National Superhero Day

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28 April 2022

By Cat Duffy

Real- life superheroes may not wear capes, but today we get to honour all our role models.

Teachers, NHS and parents are all great examples of real-life superheroes. The work they do daily is extraordinary, and they do it out of the kindness of their hearts to make a difference. 

Journalism Studies lecturer Lisa Bradley.

Journalism Studies lecturer Lisa Bradley.

Lisa Bradley, 44, a Journalism Studies lecturer at The University of Sheffield, said: “I would say that teachers were definitely superheroes throughout Covid. We had to improvise massively and change our teaching ways quickly”.

Mrs Bradley was one of the many teachers and lecturers navigating their way through still working and looking after their families during Covid.

Teachers had an overnight turnaround and had to make a last minute decision about how to handle the teaching situation.

They had to put on their capes and take the superhero role in a split second.

National Superhero Day can be celebrated in many ways, from children dressing up to a simple thank you to someone you look up to. 

National Superhero Day was created by Marvel Studios employees as a day to honour those who protect the world from evil.

Lee Falk created The Phantom in 1936 and paved way to all the superheroes we know and love today. From Superman to Black Widow, we’ve all had a superhero role model.

Although these fictional characters are great role models to our children, as they grow older they will discover the world’s real life superheroes.

Throughout Covid-19 everyone’s lives changed drastically but those real-life superheroes stepped up and put on their capes to help those in need.  In a time of distress these heroes never stopped working towards their goal of making the world a safer and happier place.

During this time, we needed these superheroes more than ever before, and just like Spiderman or Batman, they didn’t back down from the challenge.

Gerard Way has said: “Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.”

Written by Cat Duffy

Year 2 Undergraduate Journalism Student

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