Sheffield’s Pete McKee’s latest exhibition to arrive at the Millennium Gallery next week

5 May 2022

Sheffield artist Pete McKee will open his latest exhibition next week at Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery.

Don’t Adjust Your Mindset will run for 10 days from 13-22 May, and will showcase observations that the artist made during lockdown.

Pete said: “During the pandemic everyone’s life was completely turned upside-down with most of us increasing the time they spent online, especially on social media.

“When scrolling my phone, I saw a mixture of anger, injustice, LOLs, contrary opinions, misinformation and a plethora of community-spirited endeavours to lift the mood of the nation.”

The show consists of paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints that predominantly explore modern British life and how we communicate today. 

The free pop-up event explores multiple concepts, including digital dependence, climate change, internet fame and police brutality. 

Pete is a Sheffield-based artist born in 1966. His work explores various themes including working-class culture and humour.

The show had been delayed due to the pandemic, and Pete, who grew up in the city, is hoping it will be a huge success.

It is his first exhibition in four years after his successful 2018 show. A previously planned event, titled ‘Eight New Paintings’, was cancelled due to the pandemic and could only be produced online. 

Ellen Donnison, Curator and Marketing Coordinator at McKee Gallery, said: “The pandemic affects the creation and process behind the show in several ways.”

“However, one thing that is important to emphasise is Pete and the McKee gallery were extremely lucky as the venues we booked for the exhibition allowed us to change the time we exhibited and let us push the show back.”

In the run-up to the exhibition, Pete created various preparatory sketches for the showcased paintings. 

This most recent collection of work has just been exhibited at London’s Hoxton Arches.

More about the event can be found here.

Written by Siyu Ma

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