Skating and roller hockey sessions organised for Sheffield children

5 May 2022
The Sheffield Roller Hockey Academy has organised weekly developer sessions for children to allow them to improve their hockey and skating skills.
The academy had been doing introductory sessions over the Easter holidays and there was a great deal of both parents and children interested in additional training.
The first of the developer sessions was last night and it was a resounding success, with one parent commenting that his son, Aiden, “had a fantastic time and can’t wait until next week”.
Derek Bell, CEO of the academy, said: “The children who attended last night had a great time with the more developed skaters, able to learn new skills and tricks whilst our ‘first-timers’ had a great time getting to grips with learning the basics of roller skating.”
“We are hoping to build on the numbers over the coming weeks.”

Coaches at the Sheffield Roller Hockey Academy

Over the Easter break, the academy engaged with over 100 boys and girls as part of the Sheffield Healthy Holidays programme, part of a wider UK Government programme to provide activities and food for children eligible for free school meals.
The children who attended were able to have fun learning how to skate and play roller hockey, and all enjoyed a hot meal and healthy snacks in each of the six sessions.
Mr Bell said: “Throughout the time the boys and girls couldn’t get enough of the sessions which were fun and helped them develop their confidence in a way that learning to roller skate and play roller hockey can do, that many mainstream sports are unable to do.”
The sessions will continue to take place on Wednesdays at 6pm at the Olive Grove Sports Club, costing £3 per person for an hour-and-a-half of skating.

Written by Joel Summers

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