Sheffield Mind reopens after two year closure due to COVID-19

12 May 2022

A Sheffield wellbeing centre has reopened its doors for the first time in two years, after being forced to close during the pandemic.

Sheffield Mind has been helping people suffering from mental health issues since 1978, and is now finally able to welcome people back through their Sharrow Lane doors.

Over 100 people attended the reopening

Chief Executive Margaret Lewis said: “The open day was a fantastic success, we had well over 100 visitors, and everyone said they were so pleased to see us again.”

Since the pandemic, the number of people seeking support for their mental health has risen considerably.

Mrs Lewis said: “For a lot of people coming back out again has not been a natural progression, they are still finding it very difficult.”

While the centre was closed, staff offered support and counselling online, but for many users this wasn’t an option.

Mrs Lewis said: “Not all of our clients like or have access to Zoom, so some people chose to go ‘on hold’ until they could see a staff member face to face.”

The reopening off the centre coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week, which is focusing on ‘loneliness’ this year.

Morgan LeCoutre, from Glossop, said: “I’m very pleased it has reopened, the centre has a really good feel to it, it’s a very welcoming space.”

Paulette Edwards did a 4 hour show during the open day for Radio Sheffield

The centre also had a pop-up charity shop, ran by service users which raised £130 for the charity.

Sheffield Mind is one of the longest established wellbeing centres in Sheffield, providing counselling and therapy services, as well as practical and emotional support for the past 40 years.

The centre also offers a range of therapeutic style services, including walking therapy, art therapy and anger management.

The centre raised £130 through their charity on the reopening day

Watch here for our video report on the reopening.

Written by Gabriela Toderascu

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