UK’s biggest political festival launches in Sheffield, with Jeremy Corbyn among speakers

12 May 2022

The UK’s largest annual political festival is currently taking place in South Yorkshire, with 60 events hosted at venues across the city.

The highlight speakers include former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, satirist Armando Iannucci and author and transgender rights activist Shon Faye.

This year’s festival will also feature feminist icon Gloria Steinem, human rights activist Baroness Shami Chakrabarti and internet sensation Jackie Weaver.

The UK’s biggest politics festival coming to Sheffield for its eight-year in the city

Organiser Flick Jackson said: “We just want to get people more engaged about topics to do with politics, the environment, and society at large, to give people a platform for being heard.”

“It’s easy in this day and age to feel quite apathetic and disengaged with political conversation.

“Through the festival, we hope to encourage active debate and active citizenship as well.”

During the 43-day festival, the content will be divided into three sections of democracy, inequality and climate.

The programme includes a series of community events led by grassroots groups and individual citizens, bringing together activists and campaign groups in Sheffield to explore current societal issues.

There will also be talks discussing COVID-19 misinformation and the criminalisation of the gypsy and traveller community in the UK.

Other events will analyse the recommendations of the Sheffield Commission for racial equality, the future of local media, and discuss air pollution in Sheffield.

Jackson added: “We work with community activists and publishers in different fields to create a platform that aims to bring people together to share new ideas and life experiences, as this will help shape our understanding of the world.

“There’s something which will interest everyone. The three strands are really pertinent broad issues that impact every person in the world.”  

Events are a combination of in-person and online, with some free to attend.

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Written by Aolin Cheng

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