WATCH: Broomhall community centre’s homework club is thriving again after coming close to closure

12 May 2022

The Broomhall’s community centre’s homework club which supports students in the area is now running again as usual after its funds were cut. 

Emily Hearne, the organiser of homework club, said: “The Broomhall centre is a vital part of the area creating a hub within a local community.”

As an external charity they used to get their funding from The University of Sheffield. 

Ms Hearne said: “One of the volunteers who works at the university set up a fundraising campaign and we ended up raising loads of money through a crowd funder.

“So we have been really lucky and it means that we now can start the coding club again this term.”

This club is an important part of the community helping students from primary school all the way up to A-levels. 

Written by Ella McDermott

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