WATCH: World’s Largest Science Festival Visits Sheffield

12 May 2022

Sheffield has joined nearly 500 cities around the world to play host to the ‘Pint of Science’ festival this year.

A range of venues across the city have this week seen talks, demonstrations and live experiments take place from leading researchers and scientists.

The festival looks to bring science out of the lab, and into more informal settings to showcase the research going on in the city.

Pubs such as Sidney and Matilda and Sheffield Tap have been utilised.

Topics have ranged from brain waves and memory, all the way to solutions for pollution.

Over 600 events have taken place as part of the festival, which encourages those with no prior knowledge to get involved.

Watch here, where I visited one of the talks to speak to organisers.

Written by Henry Cowling

Journalism Student at the University of Sheffield.

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