Pete Mckee’s new Art Exhibition arrives in Sheffield

19 May 2022

Pete Mckee’s new Art Exhibition has opened in Sheffield this week at the Millennium Gallery.

‘Don’t Adjust Your Mindset’, is Mckee’s first major exhibition since 2018. It’s a mixed media exhibition including a variety of paintings, sculptures and photographs that explore modern Britain life and social media.

The paintings are described as humorous, dry, satirical and include dark observations of the world and our interactions with it.

Pete Mckee said: “During the pandemic everyone’s life was completely turned upside-down with most of us increasing the time they spent online, especially on social media.

“It was like someone had found society’s volume button and turned it up to 11.”

The exhibition is free and will run until May 22. 

Mon-Sat: 10am- 5pm

Sunday: 11am- 4pm

Written by Reanne Saagar

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