Doncaster mechanic’s Monaco dream comes true

Apr 22, 2021

A Doncaster mechanic who has been racing since 1993 is ready to go wheel to wheel against ex-Formula 1 drivers around the streets of Monte Carlo in the prestigious Monaco Historic this weekend. Ewen Sergison, owner of the Avit Motorsport team, has the honour of...

Mercedes-Benz recall faulty cars

Oct 18, 2017

400,000 faulty cars in the UK are being recalled by Mercedes-Benz after an airbag defect was discovered. Over one million cars worldwide will be recalled, thanks to a fault that could potentially trigger the driver’s airbag unnecessarily. This is the biggest recall in...

Police offer advice after rash of vehicle break-ins

May 15, 2017

A rash of break-ins across the north east of Sheffield has led to South Yorkshire Police issuing a warning to car and van drivers. Police have said vans with tools and cars with items on display are most at risk. Inspector Richard Burgess said: "In particular, it...



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