Covid-19 update for Sheffield

Apr 30, 2021

Covid- 19 cases in Sheffield have continued to fall over the last month with a decrease in the number of deaths per week too. As of 16 April 2021,  a total of 1,310 deaths had been recorded in Sheffield since the begging of the pandemic. The graph shows the cumulative...

Barnsley tops national post-COVID jobs recovery figures

Apr 22, 2021

Barnsley has been named as having the best job recovery in the UK post-Covid, with the number of postings actually increasing from February last year. There are 20 per cent more job vacancies than pre-pandemic and Doncaster is seventh on the list, with a 6 per cent...

Calls for joggers to wear face masks when exercising

Apr 22, 2021

Runners feel like they are being targeted after calls for them to wear face masks when exercising in populated areas.  The controversy comes as experts from the University of Oxford said breathing heavily in areas that are heavily populated poses a risk to those...

Tramlines: Line-up and Covid restrictions

Apr 22, 2021

The beloved Tramlines Festival has announced their official 2021 line-up will be released on 26 April at 6pm. The fate of the festival unfortunately depends on the scale of Covid-19 cases and whether lockdown restrictions will be lifted as planned. Tramlines'...



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