Climate Change: Sheffield Doctor’s Protest of One

May 6, 2021

Hundreds of people- including a retired Sheffield doctor, joined in ‘protest of one’ roadblocks on Saturday 1st May against the government’s lack of action on climate emergency. Dr Bing Jones The protest, organised by climate change group, Extinction Rebellion, began...

Trade unions demand change to stop sexual harassment

Feb 13, 2020

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has stated that the government is “dragging its feet'' on changing the law to prevent sexual harassment. As the Heart Unions week begins on the 10th February, the TUC released a new poll which found that despite the raised awareness of...

Sheffield FrAcktion group to organise a frack-free festival

Mar 28, 2019

Almost all of South Yorkshire is under license to be fracked — in Sheffield alone, there have been five different sites where the land has been earmarked for fracking.  Despite mounting evidence that fracking is unsafe and unclean, the Government has insisted...

Climate Emergency Declared In Sheffield

Feb 7, 2019

Protestors rallied outside Sheffield town hall after a climate emergency motion was put before Sheffield City Council yesterday. The motion was put forward by labour and it stated that Sheffield would be decarbonised by 2050, which protestors felt was not soon enough....

Sheffield Windrush generation threatened with deportation

May 3, 2018

Sheffield people from the windrush generation have been made to feel "lost" following threats of deportation. A protest was held near the Sheffield Town Hall this Monday as a reaction to the heated Windrush Scandal. The Windrush generation refers to the people who...



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